A&W Vegan Nuggets

A&W nuggets were pricey AF, but pretty tasty

10-piece A&W nuggets made by Lightlife. At the time of this writing (Dec. 15 2019), Lightlife’s nuggets are being served at all A&W locations across Ontario and British Columbia, Canada.
The nuggets were surprisingly juicy (like wtf is that? some sort of plant-based oil?)

The Taste & Texture

The outter batter or crust was super crispy and crunchy. Very satisfying. The inside had a meaty texture and a nice flavour. It wasn’t too strong in flavour, so I ate my 10-piece with a pack (or six) of ketchup (Goddamn ketchup is good, aint it?…it’s like crack, but better, if I knew what crack tasted like). For more information on what’s inside these tasty nuggets, you can check out Lifelife’s website: https://lightlife.com/en-ca/ .

The Price & Verdict

The cost? 6-piece for $5.99 and 10-piece of $8.99 PLUS tax… so, about a loonie per nugget. Was the price worth it? Not really…I’d rather spend 7 bucks or so to get a big bag of Gardein crispy tenders (those fake chicken, chick’n, tricken strip things). This walking vegan billboard gives these nuggets an 8/10. Thank you A&W for bringing more plant-based options. Let’s keep it comin’!


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