Beyond Meat Burger at White Spot

White Spot Beyond Burger…so good

Writing this blog post makes me want another one…Oh gawdddddddd…The weird thing is that this beyond patty didn’t taste like the ones from the grocery stores or A&W, or even other restaurants that carry it. I’m not sure why the texture and flavour seemed so different to me. Visually, it looked like it was deep fried and more pale or something.

Beyond Meat White Spot Vegan Burger

Nevertheless, it tasted so nice. It had creamy avocado, charred corn, pickled red onions, and crisp iceberg lettuce. Looking at their website, it had jalapeno ranch, and an edamame hummus (never even heard of this!). They also included a coleslaw, but I wasn’t sure if it was vegan, so I just avoided it.

Oh, I also loved the bread: it had such a pleasurable mouthfeel: a bit of a crust, whilst nice and chewy, yet soft on the inside. Seriously, that chew is so satisfying just thinking about it. I’m not a bread expert by any means, but I would bet someone’s life it was ciabatta bread (Just kidding, I’m vegan. I would not bet someone’s life!). It was pretty expensive when I ordered it, but totally worth it as a treat/celebratory meal. I’m looking for the next excuse to hit ’em up! Bon Appétit.


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Hey, guys! I’m Vegan – I mean, Antony! I love to eat! Actually, I work out so I can eat more. Other than food, I love consuming knowledge from books, videos, and podcasts. What an amazing time to be alive, eh? Some other things I love to do include traveling (who doesn’t??), cooking, acting and gettin’ tipsy at KTV. To connect, you can find me on Instagram where I post food pics, gym progress pics, and other really random crap.

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