Haidilao Hotpot in Richmond BC

Haidilao Hotpot has some vegan options like broth, veggies, tofu and various other soy-based ingredients.

The value wasn’t quite there at the Richmond location, but it was very tasty and the ambience was nice. Back in 2013, I remember the China branch had more perks while waiting to be seated though.

One of my fave parts of hotpot is mixing upvarious sauces! They have so many fixins and the combinations are infinite, which is great for the creative and adventurous types!

Also, their hami melons were the best I’ve ever had; they were sweet, cool, crisp, and crunchy! Might be the best I’ll ever have…

If you try this location or any Haidilao location, let me know what you thought!

Cheers and happy food adventures!

P.S. If you love tofu, you might love this t-shirt design 🙂

I want tofu tonight 😉

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