Pho 37 – Vegan Option

Pho 37 Vietnamese Vegan Pho in Richmond, BC

This place was not bad. I almost stepped out after looking at the unimpressive vegan selection (Like, where’s my little box of vegan options, and little green leaf logos, huh? Come on now! It’s 2019). The friendly and very persuasive staff convinced me to try some of their stuff. She even threw in some social proof by stating that they have a lot of regular vegan patrons. Okay, so I gave them a shot!

Pho 37’s Vegan Pho Option at 8328 Capstan Way #1101, Richmond, BC V6X 2H8

Verdict: The Vegan pho broth was very flavorful, actually it was a bit too sweet for my taste. My feeling was that they use some veggie seasoning powder and just put a few too many table spoons. Otherwise, it was some delicious soup to have during this “Winter is coming” season in Raincouver. A little less seasoning, or a little splash of hot water, and Voila (again, that’s just my opinion, so take it with a grain of seasoning). Also, the rice noodles were perfect might I add. Well-cooked noodles are expected, sure, but much appreciated nevertheless. Very grateful. *presses hands together palm to palm and chants: Ohmmm….*

Spring Rolls

Vegan Spring Rolls at Pho 37

Okay, so I asked two staff members and they said these “egg” rolls or spring rolls are vegan. Yes, I specifically asked about the wrap and whether or not it had egg in it. After the second staff member confidently confirmed that there is no egg, I actually overheard him double-check, in Vietnamese, with another male staff that there was no egg. At last, my limited Vietnamese language abilities came in handy. Woohoo! Anyway, they were pretty damn tasty!

Tea-riffic Tea

Pho 37’s Complementary Tea

Usually complementary tea ain’t something to blog about, but it really had me appreciating life, and thinking, what kind of tea is this? It had this really roast-tea or rice-y flavor or something.

Hmm…I never did end up asking. I felt like I used up all three of my questions about the vegan soup and spring rolls. My friend and I ate right up until closing, too (which was around 9:00pm that weekday). SO, I didn’t want to push my luck. All in all, seems like a pretty nice (possibly family-run) business that wants your business! If you check out their vegan options, let me know what you think! Would love to hear from you!

Pho 37 at 8328 Capstan Way #1101, Richmond, BC V6X 2H8

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