I had the honour of being featured on AmazingVegansBC where my new friend Jezryl, and fellow vegan, shares the journey and lifestyle of amazing vegans here in beautiful British Columbia. This photoshoot was at one of my favourite parks since childhood: Bear Creek Park in Surrey, BC. I was delighted to learn in the summer of 2019 that they’ve installed some calisthenic bars and benches there- just beside the big track. Be sure to check it out if you’re looking for a good outdoor workout!

Whether you’re a vegan or just someone looking to learn more about the vegan lifestyle, amazingvegansbc’s instagram page is an awesome window into the lives of everyday vegans. Follow their page at

Jezryl, awesome time meeting you brother. Looking forward to future photoshoots to document my journey and progression as a vegan. And, of course, looking forward to sharing good eats with ya, too! Cheers, bro!

Published by shirtlessvegan

Hey, guys! I’m Vegan – I mean, Antony! I love to eat! Actually, I work out so I can eat more. Other than food, I love consuming knowledge from books, videos, and podcasts. What an amazing time to be alive, eh? Some other things I love to do include traveling (who doesn’t??), cooking, acting and gettin’ tipsy at KTV. To connect, you can find me on Instagram where I post food pics, gym progress pics, and other really random crap.

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